Dr. Robert L. Jackson works with a growing network of classical charter schools known as Great Hearts Academies. In less than twenty years, Great Hearts has gone from a single charter school to forty schools in AZ and TX, serving more than 27,000 students in the greater Phoenix area, San Antonio and Dallas.

He leads the Great Hearts Institute, which serves at the intersection of higher education and K-12 classical education. The Institute provides conferences, publications, policy analysis and fellowships that bridge the world of K-12 classical education with the best scholarship and research from higher education. The Institute aims to demonstrate the efficacy of classical K-12 curriculum and pedagogy for a growing audience of families, alumni, scholars, policy makers and philanthropists.

He received his Ph.D. in Education from Florida State University and from 2001-2013 he was an Associate Professor of English and Education at the King’s College in New York.